How do You view Dental Coverage?

I have been working with dental plans for years and the jury has always been out on them. I have never really been able to feel like they are a deal or not. I have found a plan that is not Insurance but a discount program. If you look at the monthly cost of a dental insurance and extend it out monthly even $35 a month comes to $420 a year (for one family member). If you are going to the dentist to have an exam, a cleaning and a possible xray it can easily come to $220 to $300. If you saved that money you could pay for it yourself. If you had other problems, you will pay between 30% and 50% of an inflated per procedure price and then your plan will only have a $1000 to a $1500 a year maximum benefit. i.e. a Root Canal with Crown will cost you at least $1250 for the root canal and another $1250 for a crown. That is $2500 plus $299 for the exam, cleaning, & x-rays and $420 in annual premiums plus a copay for the visit, you are at least $3219 out of pocket before the $1000 maximum benefit. After the $1000 payment from the insurance you are out about $2200.

With the discount plan your cost would be $1443 for the Root canal and Crown, $130 forthe exam, cleaning and x-ray’s and an annual premium of $219 (for the whole family plusit includes a telehealth plan) so you are into it for $1792. With the discount programyou are ahead of the game by $408 a year, PLUS!

If you need another root canal the insurance has paid out what it will until next year, however, the discount plan still offers you the same great discount and does not limit your needs.

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