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Business owners like you enjoy the advantages of self-funding. And now, with our Self-Funded Program, you get to experience those advantages without taking on added risk. It’s an easy way for you to lower your costs while providing quality health care benefits to your employees. Your monthly payment is determined upfront and guaranteed not to increase for a full year as long as there are no changes to your group’s benefits or enrollment. Payments of claims, customer service and reporting is all done for you, leaving you to focus on your business. All employer-established benefit plans are minimum essential coverage, Preventive services are paid at 100% when received from in-network providers, as recommended by the Affordable Care Act. Terminal Liability Coverage: Provides added protection for claims that come in for 24 months after the end of the plan year – and is included with most plan selections



No more waiting at the doctor’s office. No more wondering if you got the lowest-cost prescription. No more doubts about a diagnosis. From doctor’s visits over the phone to price comparison tools, we’ve got you covered.

Talk to a licensed doctor by phone or video from anywhere. Find and pick up the lowest-cost prescriptions in your area. Find a doctor, dentist, or other providers near you. Get a second opinion from leading experts on more-serious conditions. Compare cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures. Find your insurance carrier for up-to-date coverage, deductible tracking, and more.


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