Group Telehealth Programs, USA

We work with a group TeleHealth program called HealthiestYou, a product of Teledoc, and the coverage goes from a group of 2 to 500+. This group telehealth program in USA also includes an employee’s whole family in the very affordable monthly price. That is an incredible benefit in itself. Having the ability to contact a physician at any time of the day or night as well as for other areas such as finding providers by location, mental health, dermatology, back care, pricing prescriptions, price transparency tools to make sure you are getting the best price for the procedure you need and much more!

There are two group plans HealthiestYou COMPLETE and HealthiestYou CORE

Our other plan is the CORE HealthiestYou Group plan. It is more of a streamline plan but very powerful. Take a look at the brochures, Simply click the links below: Download Brochure

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