The Blue Cross of Idaho “ACCESS” Plan (An Enhanced Short Term Plan)

There is a new plan available out there offered through Blue Cross. It is considered an Enhanced Short-term plan with up to 364 day coverage and a 36 month renewability. They are claiming the rates will be up to 40% less than Idaho Exchange rates. There are, however, health questions and pre-existing conditions that enter the mix. The new program is called ACCESS w/ 3 levels of coverage.

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Once your application is submitted it may take 3 to 5 days for your quote, they call it an offer, and they hold the quote/offer for 30 days. You may take the offer or Not…

Blue Cross Short Term Plan (The Basic Short-term Plan)

Blue Cross of Idaho’s Short Term PPOsm offers a limited benefit program for temporary coverage. You can protect yourself and eligible dependents during those times between coverage or outside enrollment periods, choosing coverage for just one month, or up to six months. Be sure to read the “exclusions and limitations” in the 2020 Short Term PPO Brochure before buying a plan.

  • Short Term PPO is designed to cover typical, short term illness or injuries that could occur while you’re between full benefit plans.
  • Short Term PPO is available to an Idaho resident who is under age 65. It does not cover any preexisting conditions.
  • Short-Term PPO plans do not meet the definition of minimum essential coverage (MEC) as defined by the Affordable Care Act.
  • Once enrolled, you may not enroll any additional dependents with the sole exception of a newborn or an adopted child.

Note: There are no benefits available under the policy for services, supplies, drugs or other charges related to any symptoms or conditions, including COVID-19, that existed for six months prior to your enrollment in Short Term PPO.

Click Apply Here link to enroll. Apply Here

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